233Maximal distortion of geodesic diameters in polygonal domainsAdrian Dumitrescu and Csaba Toth
297Generating cyclic rotation Gray codes for stamp foldings and semi-meandersBowie Liu and Dennis Wong
597Budget-Constrained Cost-Covering Job Assignment for a Total Contribution-Maximizing PlatformChi-Hao Wang, Chi-Jen Lu, Ming-Tat Ko, Po-An Chen and Chuang-Chieh Lin
732Cosecure Domination: Hardness Results and AlgorithmsKusum and Arti Pandey
1419On Integer Linear Programs for Treewidth based on Perfect Elimination Orderings.Sven Mallach
1547Point Enclosure Problem for Homothetic PolygonsWaseem Akram and Sanjeev Saxena
2004Improved Analysis of two Algorithms for Min-Weighted Sum Bin PackingGuillaume Sagnol
2133Capacity-Preserving Subgraphs of Directed Flow NetworksMarkus Chimani and Max Ilsen
2538Computing the Center of Uncertain Points on Cactus GraphsRan Hu, Divy Kanani and Jingru Zhang
2578Reconfiguration and Enumeration of Optimal Cyclic Ladder LotteriesYuta Nozaki, Kunihiro Wasa and Katsuhisa Yamanaka
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3684A Polynomial-Time Approximation Scheme for Thief Orienteering on Directed Acyclic GraphsAndrew Bloch-Hansen, Daniel Page and Roberto Solis-Oba
3794Best student paper
Make a Graph Singly Connected By Edge Orientations
Tim A. Hartmann and Komal Muluk
4489Best paper
Finding Small Complete Subgraphs Efficiently
Adrian Dumitrescu and Andrzej Lingas
4581Partial-Adaptive Submodular MaximizationShaojie Tang and Jing Yuan
5278A Linear Delay Algorithm for Enumeration of 2-Edge/Vertex-connected Induced SubgraphsTakumi Tada and Kazuya Haraguchi
5844On Computing Large Temporal (Unilateral) Connected ComponentsIsnard Lopes Costa, Raul LopesAndrea Marino and Ana Silva
6431Deterministic Performance Guarantees for Bidirectional BFS on Real-World NetworksThomas Bläsius and Marcus Wilhelm
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6792Timeline Cover in Temporal Graphs: Exact and Approximation AlgorithmsRiccardo Dondi and Alexandru Popa
7195Parameterized algorithms for Eccentricity Shortest Path ProblemSriram Bhyravarapu, Satyabrata Jana, Lawqueen Kanesh, Saket Saurabh and Shaily Verma
7463Sorting and Ranking of Self-Delimiting Numbers with Applications to Tree IsomorphismAndrej Sajenko, Frank Kammer and Johannes Meintrup.
7528On 2-strong connectivity orientations of mixed graphs and related problemsLoukas Georgiadis, Dionysios Kefallinos and Evangelos Kosinas
7538Finding Perfect Matching Cuts FasterNeeldhara Misra and Yash More
7573Online Knapsack with Removal and RecourseHans-Joachim BöckenhauerRalf KlasingTobias Mömke, Peter Rossmanith, Moritz Stocker and David Wehner.
8084Advice Complexity Bounds for Online Delayed F-Node-, H-Node- and H-Edge-Deletion ProblemsNiklas Berndt and Henri Lotze
8124Burn and WinPradeesha Ashok, Sayani Das, Lawqueen Kanesh, Saket Saurabh, Avi Tomar and Shaily Verma
8166Connected Feedback Vertex Set on AT-Free graphsJoydeep Mukherjee and Tamojit Saha
8265A Polyhedral Perspective on Tropical ConvolutionsCornelius Brand, Martin Koutecky and Alexandra Lassota
8838Hardness of Balanced MobilesVirginia Ardévol Martínez, Romeo Rizzi and Florian Sikora
9714Multi-Priority Graph SparsificationReyan Ahmed, Keaton HammStephen KobourovMohammad Javad Latifi Jebelli, Faryad Sahneh and Richard Spence
9856Min-Max Relative Regret for Scheduling to Minimize Maximum LatenessImad Assayakh, Imed Kacem and Giorgio Lucarelli